Certified Nutrition Consultant

I studied Dr. Jane Pentz's course on Nutrition for Professionals to add a more well-defined nutrition component to my fitness practice. After researching the field, I invested in Dietmaster Pro, a software package that includes meal plans by registered dietitians.   Dietmaster Pro is able to nutritionally analyze, plan and track a nutritional regimen customized to a client's food likes and dislikes, both from a macronutrient as well as a micronutrient perspective.  In other words, if you provide me a detailed food journal that covers a three day period, I can provide you a report that tells us your daily intake of protein/fat/carbohydrate as well as all your vitamins and minerals and a suggested meal plan for moving forward to reach your nutrition goals.

Nutrition Services

A general discussion of healthy dietary practices, including informal review of current diet and suggested modifications is included as part of my fitness training package.
Available to clients at an additional cost is a complete dietary analysis, including itemized reports of all micro and macro nutrients consumed in current diet. Meal plans approved by registered dietitians are also available.