"A year and a half ago, I returned to San Miguel after a few months home in California. I had been suffering with terrible hip pain for 6 months and had been unable to walk more than a block or two without resting, and I was using a cane. Before returning here, I had an MRI and an epidural (which did some temporary good) and met with a back surgeon. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe stenosis and spondylosis and was told I was a great candidate for surgery. Knowing that we had a year-long rental waiting in San Miguel, I asked if I could put the surgery off for one year and was told I could. I decided I would tough it out. When we arrived in San Miguel I had the opportunity to work with Jill. My goals were simply to maintain some level of fitness and muscle strength. Jill began working to strengthen my core and the muscles needed to support my lumbar region. She was very careful to check how I was doing every exercise and whether it was causing any pain. She always had a "work around" to get to a particular muscle when I couldn't do an exercise. Within a month, I found my pain disappearing. I worked diligently, repeating the exercises at home in between our sessions. By the time my children arrived for a visit two months later, I was leading them, pain-free, all over town. Jill continued increasing the weight I was working with, and I could see the changes in my body. After six months, I returned to California for a physical. My doctor told me that there was no need to consider surgery now that I was feeling so well. With Jill's nutritional counseling, I was able to plan sustainable changes to improve my diet and lost about twenty pounds. I am playing tennis again and impressing friends by dancing at parties. It truly has felt like a miracle. Jill has given me my life back, and I will always be grateful for her help. "

Gail M.

"Jill works miracles!! I first visited her with back pain that limited even walking.  She helped me develop core strength and stamina and I can now walk all over San Miguel and even resumed playing golf. Jill's special talent is tailoring a fitness program around each client's situation to avoid injuries and maximize progress.   You still have to do the work, but she is a great coach and guide and makes her workouts fun.  Highest recommendation!!"

Bob R.

"I was a formerly active person who over the last 20 years accumulated scads of problems with my back and neck. I gradually got to the point where I was afraid to exercise. Then I met Jill who I can truthfully say has changed my life. She customized a workout based on my needs and limitations. What's more, she continues to research exercises and solutions for you as you move ahead. She's unbelievably caring and is a relentlessly positive person who could motivate a slug. Over the last three years I have lost weight (without even trying to diet), increased my strength and increased my ratio of fat to muscle. Jill is just fantastic -- enthusiastic, fun to work with, endlessly knowledgable about exercise and the science behind it and an all-around superb person.

As one of those people who thought endorphins were something that runners and hyper exercisers made up to make the rest of us feel bad, I was astonished to discover how exhilarating it is to work out. There are just not enough superlatives to describe Jill; suffice to say that I exuberantly recommend her. "

Wendy H.

"I came to Jill in April of 2014, after an extended time of no exercise due to a number of injuries. She has shown immense patience working around a recovering ankle, and past cervical fusion to start to give my body back to me. With an initial goal of losing 8 pounds, we have surpassed that by 4 pounds, and I'm looking forward to dropping a few more this winter. But most importantly we have a great time as I continue to gain strength and be healthier!"

Hope B.

"You (Jill) have become virtually indispensable. The increased levels of strength, stamina and overall fitness I am attaining are critical to me at this stage so I can continue to enjoy my very active life going forward. On top of that is the enjoyable repartee which makes the workouts almost enjoyable.""

Bruce J.